PulseHotList Pool Statistics

PulseHotList Pool Sacrifice Pool Statistics

This page summarises contributions to the PHLPool which will be used for sacrifice phase of the PulseHotList.com project.

Project ranking note: The project team claims the PHL will be just a simple PRC-20 token and the web site will not do any smart contract interaction.

This is not a sacrifice. You can contribute to the PulseHotList Pool to gain better volume bonus in the PulseHostList.com sacrifice phase.

Total sacrificed 0 from many wallets.
Estimated token supply: 0 PulseHotList Pool shares.

Disclaimer: This page is unofficial statistics and is not affiliated with the PulseHotList Pool team. Therefore any provided information here comes with no warranty. USD equivalents of sacrificed coins and tokens are based on data provided by CoinGecko. These rates average between various chains and can differ from the official figures. If you see your sacrifice with zero value and as "not rated yet" in the details, it means that USD value was not accounted for yet - this may take 2-8 hours since your transactions. This page is a community project and is run for free. If you have any feedback or questions, you can share them in our Telegram group.

Top 500 Sacrificers

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Sacrificed USD Volume Timeline

Sacrificed USD Volume Timeline per Blockchain Network

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Number of Wallets per USD Value

This graph shows number of wallets which sacrificed USD value in given range.

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