Help to fund various HEX and PulseChain community projects

This page is a community project and is run for free. If you have any feedback or questions, you can share them in our Telegram group. You can also contact us in this group if you have a great HEX or PulseChain related idea which you would like to raise some funds for.

Running fundraisers

Life changing equipment funding and creating awareness for Rett Syndrome
Rett Syndrome Token are seeking donations to support providing life changing equipment funding trials and creating awareness for Rett Syndrome.

Past fundraisers

HexBear Stake Address #1
Donate to stake 25,000 HEX for 15 years
Maximus Grand Exhibition at PulseCon 2022
Maximus team is seeking donations to fund booth at PulseCon 2022 conference in Vegas this September 2022