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Introducing The Prime2PHUX Premint

(this text was provided by the 2PHUX team)

Prime2PHUX is Prime PHUX from the Phux exchange that is wrapped for use in the 2PHUX protocol. Unlike with Prime PHUX which must be locked for 1 year for max utility Prime2PHUX can be staked with no minimum timeline making you always liquid!
The 2PHUX protocol is in phase 3 of 5 of our launch sequence. For a very limited time we are able to offer a substantial discount via group buying power for the Prime2PHUX token. Considering that Prime2PHUX is the primary yield bearing token of the 2PHUX ecosystem this is an exciting opportunity.

Receive up to 30% off the base price based on 1 Prime PHUX costing 6.3 PLS.
PLS for Prime2PHUX Bonus Percent Price in PLS (Base 6.3)
1 Million to 10 Million 10% 5.7273
10 Million +1 to 50 Million 15% 5.4783
50 Million +1 to 250 Million 20% 5.252
250 Million +1 to 1 Billion 25% 5.04
1 Billion +1 or more 30% 4.8462
Premint is over. Check official channels for what happens next.

Total preminted 0 from many wallets.
Estimated token supply: 0 Prime2PHUX.

Top 500 Preminters

Rank Address PLS Estimated Prime2PHUX $AXIS Bonus $FIRE Bonus $SOLIDX Bonus $NOPE Bonus Bonus Value Details

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