HexBear Sacrifice of Time Statistics

HexBear Sacrifice of Time Statistics

This page just links HexBear.io Sacrifice Of Time.

This is not a typical sacrifice, it has no sacrifice address. Please read the information below.

Sacrifice time for the right to keep your hard earned crypto.

HexBear is currently having sacrifice of time. Keep your crypto. Sacrifice time to be eligible for future airdrops and merchandise. This sacrifice consists of 5 games.
find the link to the sacrifice page hidden somewhere on the HexBear.io website to get to the secret code.

All game objectives must be completed to qualify for sacrifice points:
The first 50 people are rewarded 300 points.
The next 100 people are rewarded 200 points.
The next 1000 people are rewarded 100 points.
The next 2000 people are rewarded 50 points.

Do you have questions? Ask in @hexbeario Telegram group.