The Troll Show

The Troll Show
No Taxes, No Founder Allocation, No Admin Keys, 93.1% of tokens sent to the liquidity pool, LP tokens burnt, and contract is renounced. The 6.9% of the supply for exchages, bridges and liquidity pools.
Categories: meme


We're here to laugh in the face of the crypto space and turn up the heat on Pepe in a pot of hot water! Utilizing quality content, cutting edge memes, and a superior product, The Troll Show is a much needed dose of levity, mocking the competition in our chronicles told through media.

Join T-Roll on his hilarious adventures through the crypto wilderness, leaving a trail of laughter and tears in his wake. Come witness hysterical and witty content that is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

In no time, you'll find there's a troll waited to be expressed inside all of us. So don't be shy - embrace your inner troll and join the The Troll Show family. Let the show begin!

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