SuperStake is a HEX reward token that uses an auto compounding 60 day HEX to reward holders and ensure value regardless of volume.
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SuperStake (pSSH) is a HEX reward token with a focus on longevity. To start, a 5.5% tax is collected on all buys/sells. 2.5% are HEX rewards paid to holders, 1% is used to buy&burn pSSH and 2% is sent to the HEX staking pool which is what makes SuperStake unique.

From day 1, The SuperStake contract performed a 60 day rolling HEX stake starting with over 500,000 HEX. At the end of every stake (every 60th day) 1% of the total HEX staked is distributed to all holders of at least 5,555 pSSH. After distribution, the HEX accumulated from the previous 60 days from the 2% collected form buys/sells, is added to remaining HEX and re-staked for another 60 days. This is completely autonomous and will last FOREVER.

Superstake has INCREDIBLE game theory! By focusing on longevity, even if pSSH has ZERO volume, the auto compounding HEX stake MUST distribute 1% every 60 days, which means it still retains value, even with zero volume.

Users do not need to hold pSSH for any specific amount of time. They can enter a position minutes before a HEX stake ends, collect rewards, and leave. But is that the best play? Only time will tell!

IMPORTANT Users MUST hold 5,555 pSSH to receive any HEX reflections!

SSH Token Details

Address: 0x873A2B0bDC19C6E4Df7bc3dBB875a46D6940Fa46
Check on PulseChain Testnet scanner.

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