PulseOnlyFans on PulseChain: where PRC-20 trading meets NFT collecting with a groundbreaking staking and reflection system, making hodling $FAN tokens the sexiest move.
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PulseOnlyFans is like the hottest mix on PulseChain, striving to make PulseChain even sexier than it already is! Inspired by the buzz around trending ERC-404 tokens, but harnessing superior technology a threesome of smart contracts. One serves up simple trading as an ERC-20 token, ensuring smooth onboarding and lightning-fast liquidity. The second contract is a true NFT gem, perfect for collectors, with a limited supply of just 5555 true ERC-721 NFTs. And last but certainly not least, we've got the sexiest contract of them all – the staking contract, designed to reward stakers with reflections from every trade. Whenever anyone swaps some $FAN tokens, a tantalizing portion gets taxed and transformed into rewards for our devoted $FAN stakers. We're launching $FAN with a bold tax to keep things spicy and deter any would-be jeeters, but fear not – it'll gradually cool down each day until it settles at a tantalizing 5%. Holding onto those $FAN tokens isn't just a smart and sexiest move, it's downright scorching!

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