Pulse FOMO

Pulse FOMO
A game from the old box, burn Pulse collected through the game and get paid to burn it, earn dividends or drain the contract by being the last Heart buyer.
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Where did this game come from and why shouldn’t I play it?In 2018, the official Fomo3D game started on the Ethereum network, with fees skyrocketing due to all the attention of the launch and the network almost went down. PulseFOMO, brings back the thrilling excitement of the original game on PulseChain with an added bonus: a burn pot that can be called by anyone and where the caller gets 13% of the pot. The game Richard Heart doesn’t want you to play. Burn PLS and get paid to do it, earn dividends or drain the entire contract. Experience the legendary Fomo3D game on Pulsechain. Do you choose team Richard, Vitalik, Sun or Jack? Some get rich, some don’t, welcome to the matrix.How does this game that I shouldn’t play work? A friend of mine asksThere is a jackpot, dividends system, referral system and a burnpot game combined with four teams to choose from, each with their own characteristics that determine where your PLS goes most, the perfect ingredients for an exit scam and war with others who disagree with you.There is a timer that can reach a maximum of 18 hours. Each full Heart purchased adds 37 seconds to the timer. To put it simply: whoever bought the last Heart before the timer reaches 0 (meaning zero), drains 75% of the entire contract. Isn’t that fantastic? To refresh your memory, the winner of the original Fomo3D won 20,000 ETH. Even if you’re not playing to be the last buyer, also here the rule of thumb is that the earlier you buy Hearts, the richer you’ll get. Sounds scammy, but it’s reality. Hearts go up in price as the game progresses, so those who do fight for the last buy will have to pay more and more per Heart as the game progresses. For those who go purely for the dividends, it is important to buy as many Hearts as possible for as cheap as possible in order to constantly collect dividends at the endrun, the fight of the last buyers. Because the more Hearts, the bigger your share on dividends, it’s not rocket science. So there will be two camps, the endrunners who want to drain the contract and constantly have the fight to be the last buyer (which drives up the Heart price), and the dividend collectors who benefit from this endrun.

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