PulseDAO (former DecentralizeX)

PulseDAO (former DecentralizeX)
Dear PulseDAO Community: Important Notice https://pulseDAO.pro/notice .
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Read notice: https://pulseDAO.pro/notice The funds received during the "sacrifice" phase were not investments and have not been used for project development.

We're offering two options to all those who sacrificed during the "sacrifice" phase (Please respond by October 29th):

1.) You acknowledge that you originally had NO EXPECTATION OF TOKENS or any returns from your "sacrifice". But now, you desire your sacrifice to be considered as a contribution made today in order to acquire the tokens for their utility in the protocol. OR 2) If you don't want to stay involved, you can choose to leave the project. If you do this, we'll give you back the tokens you put in at the beginning - you'll get reimbursed.

We're taking this approach due to earlier ambiguity during the "sacrifice" phase, and to ensure legal compliance. This sets a clear path forward while giving you all the necessary information to make informed decisions based on known facts and circumstances.

XPD Token Details

Address: 0xFAaC6a85C3e123AB2CF7669B1024f146cFef0b38
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