The Pulse Abides

The Pulse Abides
Perpetual Airdrop token leveraging YouTube and Google ad revenue for airdrops and buy-and-burns.
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The Pulse Abides - Revolutionizing Token Distribution and Liquidity on Pulsechain

The Pulse Abides (TPA) is a cryptocurrency token built on the Pulsechain. TPA aims to foster a vibrant and inclusive community by utilizing an innovative distribution model centered around a YouTube channel and leveraging ad revenue for daily airdrops and buy-and-burn mechanisms. This white paper outlines the key features, tokenomics, and benefits of TPA, showcasing its potential to create liquidity, widespread token ownership, and price stability.

TPA Token Details

Address: 0x2F55202Cb2C038749D0C028dED539d79318FfE1B
Check on PulseChain scanner. | Price chart on DEX Screener.

FILGOB Token Details

Address: 0xbc993Ef8731E3e4053b1E111E5010f3aC3EbdC5C
Check on PulseChain scanner. | Price chart on DEX Screener.

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