Ecosystem of projects designed to improve PulseChain for both the community and developers alike. All connected through its central CORE.
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POWERCITY is revolutionizing the way native stakers of a token earn rewards for their participation. To achieve this objective, POWERCITY has adopted a revenue-over-inflation architecture. This design comprises an ecosystem of DeFi applications that bring utility and innovation to the space.

  1. CORE staking platform
  2. PortalX cross-chain swap
  3. EARN lending protocol
  4. Amplifier auto-compounding front-end for EARN and Liquid Loans lending protocols
  5. PixelPark NFT marketplace
  6. Accelerator automatic DeFi yield compounder

WATT Token Details

Address: 0xDfdc2836FD2E63Bba9f0eE07901aD465Bff4DE71
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