Carpe Diem Pension

Carpe Diem Pension
Pension fund on Pulsechain.
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Carpe Diem Pension is an automated pension funds that relies on pre-determined rules that can never be changed. Not by anyone. Never. It is currently under development and is planned to launch on Pulsechain in 2024.

##Carpe Diem Pension:

  • pays out indefinitely through a decentralized and immutable smartcontract
  • does not play around with your money. You manage your own pension through the smartcontract
  • starts paying out from the moment you make your first deposit
  • allows you to literally build up your pension payout through accumulation of deposits. You increase the payout by depositing more and more each month.
  • is transferable without restrictions (by sharing access to your wallet address)
  • deposits and withdrawals are in CDP

CDP Token Details

Address: 0x6f0dDa6b522fcC7807CcacA4D37eF6958e95E1B9
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