Conditions for listing under Fundraisers

We do our page for the community, it’s done free of charge. You can donate to our work anytime, but it’s not mandatory. We also feel the responsibility to the community, for not listing/removing problematic projects. Fundraising should take part on public blockchain trough a public address, unless otherwise agreed.

To lower the risk of scams, we require at least some of the following conditions to be met:

  • MUST: The project has a public web page describing:
    • How the funds are collected?
    • How the funds will be used?
  • MUST: Founder of the project has to be doxxed.
  • MUST: At least one of:
    • SHOULD: The project was publicly announced (for example interview with a recognised Youtubers)
    • SHOULD: The founder (or the team behind) the project is (are) well recognised within the community.

Technically we need:

  • Project logo in 256x256 pixel resolution ideally as a transparent PNG. We also prefer to have approval and small support from the team (responding to questions, letting us know if something is wrong etc.).
  • Description for your fund raising - your needs and goals or if and how you incentivise the donors (see other fund raisers).
  • Last, but most importantly, we need to understand the mechanics of your fundraising, dates, target, supported chains, coins or tokens.

We will not publish any details of your fundraiser, we will just link your official page. This is to force people to do their own research (DYOR).