Nomics ticker widget dark mode

The Nomics is a very good site to check exchange rates of lots of cryptocurrencies. If you open for example and then click on Widget the page generated a snippet of HTML you one can copy & page to any other page.

Do you like dark colours?

This is not documented and you can even read in the Nomic forum that Nomics ticker widget DOES NOT support dark mode. Actually it does. One can add date-theme="dark" attribute to the <div> and it does the trick:

<div class="nomics-ticker-widget" data-name="Ethereum" data-base="ETH" data-quote="USD" data-theme="dark"></div>
<script src=""></script>

Well, it’s not fully dark, but still it’s not that eye burning white:

Additional styling

In addition you can prepend the following CSS style:

.nomics-ticker-widget-embedded { max-width: 100% !important; }

This suppresses default max-width: 800px CSS styling, which limits the width of the widget.

You can also set the data-size= attribute to small, medium or large to get 3 distinct predefined sizes of the widget.

As everything undocumented, this may be a subject to change.